Definition of optogenetics in English:


plural noun

treated as singular
  • A technique in neuroscience in which genes for light-sensitive proteins are introduced into specific types of brain cells in order to monitor and control their activity precisely using light signals.

    ‘optogenetics allows researchers to control how nerve cells communicate’
    • ‘We may one day be able to isolate electrical potentials or neurotransmitter bursts down to the near-cellular level in animals - there are advances in optogenetics pointing in this direction.’
    • ‘For the candidate for Laboratory of Animal Models extensive experience in optogenetics is desired.’
    • ‘We take advantage of optogenetics to create virtual olfactory realities.’
    • ‘Optogenetics had been used in small rodent models.’
    • ‘Ultimately if it consistently proves safe and effective in the large, complex brains of primates, optogenetics could eventually be used in humans where it could provide a variety of potential diagnostic and therapeutic benefits.’



/ˌäptōjəˈnediks/ /ˌɑptoʊdʒəˈnɛdɪks/