Definition of opus alexandrinum in English:

opus alexandrinum


  • A type of pavement mosaic work consisting of coloured stone, glass, and semi-precious stones arranged in intricate geometric patterns.

    This type of mosaic work was much used in Byzantium in the 9th century and later in Italy.


opus alexandrinum

/ˌəʊpəs ˌalɪɡˈzɑːndrɪnəm/ /ˌəʊpəs ˌalɪɡˈzandrɪnəm/


Mid 19th century. From post-classical Latin opus alexandrinum, a type of pavement mosaic work (3rd century) from classical Latin opus work + post-classical Latin alexandrinum, neuter of alexandrinus from the name of AlexanderSeverus, Roman emperor a.d. 222–235 + classical Latin -īnus.