Definition of or whatever in English:

or whatever

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  • Or anything similar.

    • ‘use chopped herbs, nuts, garlic, or whatever’
    • ‘Directors can no longer plead ignorance, or whatever other excuse they choose.’
    • ‘If people do get it wrong, people should not be sacked or demoted or whatever, as long as it is done with good intent.’
    • ‘How do you get that, and get the professional skills or whatever it is that you need to widen participation?’
    • ‘Whether it is a leadership academy or whatever, is a matter for others, I expect.’
    • ‘Then more piglets die after they have been born, by being laid on by their mothers or whatever the problem is.’
    • ‘They are waiting at the door when I open up at 6.20 and will buy the paper or whatever before they go in.’
    • ‘It allows jurors to vote against the law if they consider the law unfair or whatever.’
    • ‘I suppose if you are doing a serious thing you need things to spice it up or whatever.’
    • ‘Please help with donations of clothes, blankets or whatever you think might help.’
    • ‘They said the dog had died from heat stroke or exhaustion or whatever it is that happens to dogs when they burn up.’