Definition of oralist in English:



  • Relating to or advocating oralism.

    • ‘Highly organized and well-funded oralist organizations dominated the field of education in America and many European nations by the early twentieth century as well.’
    • ‘But after the Congress of Milan on deaf education oralist approaches gradually became universal.’
    • ‘A team formed by Deaf Life investigated the well-known Moscow Institute, and proclaimed it a failed experiment, in essence because of its rigid oralist program.’
    • ‘As schools faced the challenge of oralist policies, Deaf churches gained greater influence by promoting cohesion within the community.’
    • ‘Moreover, oralist promises that Deaf children could speak pulled at the heart strings of parents who wanted to hear their children's voices, who wanted their children to be ‘normal’ like them.’


  • A profoundly deaf person who uses speech and lip-reading to communicate, rather than sign language.