Definition of orang in English:



short for orangutan
‘I made good use of my new telephoto lens, as you'll see when the book comes out next spring; the postcard pictures are of the siamang, an orang, and various bonobos.’
  • ‘We have chosen values that might plausibly reflect the total species diversity in chimps, gorillas, and orangs.’
  • ‘For example, male orangs are typically much larger than females and have longer canine teeth.’
  • ‘May 19th, Biruté Galdikas is speaking at the zoo on orangs.’
  • ‘I happen to love orangs and I find this to be great news!’
  • ‘The money will help fund a project in Borneo to care for orphaned orangs.’
  • ‘The children race back to the orang's enclosure.’
  • ‘But at once he has just the same sense that the orang could be a human child.’
  • ‘Maybe it's because an orang once looked me right in the eye and I recognised myself in him.’



/ôˈraNG/ /ɔˈræŋ/ /ōˈraNG/ /oʊˈræŋ/