Definition of orb web in English:

orb web


  • A generally circular, upright spider's web formed of threads radiating from a central point, crossed by radial links that spiral in from the edge.

    ‘Typically, the male walked up the side of the frame, eventually encountering one of the support threads of the orb web.’
    • ‘Or there's the time we kept a huge golden-spotted salamander successfully in a terrarium for a whole year, or the summer we watched as a huge spider rebuilt a beautiful orb web in our upstairs bathroom window each night.’
    • ‘An orb web near the top of the plant may have attracted the hunting wasp.’
    • ‘This ferocious arachnid Arnold had already spun a large orb web, which looked like a batter's cage as it already covered the upper half of the window.’
    • ‘All spiders known to weave delicate circular net-like orb webs are spiders of the superfamily Araneoidea who produce this kind of glue coated ‘viscid’ silk.’
    • ‘Web-builders particularly fascinate me, there is nothing quite like an intricate well-spun web (particularly orb webs, the way they spiral on themselves) and the fanatical and instinctive maintenance by it's owner.’
    • ‘Subadult and adult females were housed in separate Perspex frames, where they built typical orb webs.’
    • ‘‘There are around 5,000 species that spin orb webs,’ Coddington said.’


orb web

/ôrb web/ /ɔrb wɛb/