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  • A spacecraft designed to go into orbit, especially one not intended to land.

    Compare with lander

    ‘a lunar orbiter’
    • ‘This smart software can be used on all kinds of spacecraft, including orbiters, landers and rovers.’
    • ‘The program would start with lunar orbiters, which would be followed by landers and rovers, and eventually sample return missions.’
    • ‘They may involve several independent elements, such as orbiters, sub-satellites, landers, rovers, penetrators, airborne robots, planetary ascent vehicles or re-entry vehicles.’
    • ‘Not since 1976 had twin rovers landed on Mars, and never before had five spacecraft - three orbiters in addition to the rovers - simultaneously surveyed the Red Planet.’
    • ‘In other instances, an orbiter or a spacecraft on a flyby mission may have already taken photographs of a moon or planet.’
    • ‘They were extensively photographed by lunar orbiters and Apollo astronauts.’
    • ‘The descent profile provides the important link between measurements made by instruments on the Huygens probe and the Cassini orbiter.’
    • ‘The discovery was made by nearly all of the Cassini orbiter's instruments acting in concert.’
    • ‘Cassini has begun to transmit data from the Huygens transmitters aboard the orbiter!’
    • ‘The plan will also position the Cassini orbiter farther away during that descent.’
    • ‘But, once again, the orbiter failed to pick up a signal from the lander, ESA officials announced.’
    • ‘The orbiter spacecraft will send Beagle 2 spinning towards the planet on a precise trajectory.’
    • ‘‘Given the current design of the orbiter, there was no possibility for the crew to survive,’ it added.’
    • ‘It comprises a large orbiter, which is designed to operate for a decade at large distances from the Sun, and a small lander.’
    • ‘The orbiter has been swooping above and below the plane of Saturn's rings to study their fine structure up close.’
    • ‘He later directed the development and testing of the space shuttle orbiter.’
    • ‘These missions include a variety of orbiters, landers, rovers, and sample-return missions, which will allow scientists to answer additional questions about the history and future of Mars.’
    • ‘If it performs well, similar cameras placed on orbiters of the future would be able to serve as high-precision interplanetary ‘eyes’ to guide incoming spacecraft to the planet.’
    • ‘It consists of two parts - the Cassini orbiter and the Huygens probe.’
    • ‘The orbiter will separate and become a satellite after the command module returns to earth.’



/ˈôrbədər/ /ˈɔrbədər/