Definition of order of business in English:

order of business

nounplural noun orders of business

  • A task assigned or a matter to be addressed.

    ‘the first order of business is learning who the hitters are’
    • ‘The first order of business was addressing the primary area of concern-the lack of an adequate water storage system.’
    • ‘Once he gets back to Washington, his first order of business tomorrow will be the signing of a new aviation security bill into law.’
    • ‘But the first order of business now is to understand what the Republicans are up to, and to combat it tooth and nail.’
    • ‘Pursuant to this, the first order of business should be to deal with structural issues that hinder development.’
    • ‘Barkely said his first order of business would be to educate himself on spending bills awaiting Senate action.’
    • ‘Is his first order of business at age 51 going to be to find a wife, do you think?’
    • ‘One of head coach Lovie Smith's first orders of business upon accepting work from the Bears in January was to implement a slim-down mandate for every player on the roster.’
    • ‘You don't need to worry, I only have a few more orders of business and then I will move on.’
    • ‘One of the first orders of business will be to pass a budget.’
    • ‘One of their first orders of business will be to take up the Violence Against Women Act.’
    • ‘For now, trying to fill the void is the first order of business.’
    • ‘The first order of business, of course, was to streamline operations.’
    • ‘I'll be running this planet for the betterment and equality of all, and the first order of business will be to get rid of the likes of you!’
    • ‘The first order of business for the two, a month after their arrival, was to make their commitment official in a ceremony in Targovishte.’
    • ‘I guess the last order of business will be selecting a new president.’
    • ‘Following the election of officers, Marie McKay went straight into the next order of business, local elections.’
    • ‘The first order of business, however, was to get rid of that red hair.’
    • ‘The first order of business, naturally, was finding out where Apollo was.’
    • ‘The first order of business, after breakfast of course, was our traditional Easter morning hike.’
    • ‘Polonius continues with the second order of business, Prince Hamlet's madness.’