Definition of orebody in English:



  • A connected mass of ore in a mine or suitable for mining.

    • ‘The only raw material that the plant will be using is the ore mined from the Skorpion orebody.’
    • ‘Mining operations on these orebodies were carried on for more than a decade.’
    • ‘The following descriptive mineralogy is based on a study of specimens in private collections that represent all of the orebodies that have been mined to date.’
    • ‘He did not think it was possible to mine the main orebody in the abandoned water-filled pit, so he decided to use an inclined shaft to exploit the oxide zone.’
    • ‘The orebody continued to be mined on a small scale for the next ten years, and in early 1967 operations were suspended on the lode after it had produced 2,788,411 pounds of copper.’