Definition of organicist in English:


adjective & noun

See organicism

‘He's speaking the language of organicist conservatism - a credo of natural hierarchies and congenital cultural partitions.’
  • ‘Ostensibly an organicist term for civil society, which enjoyed much currency during the seventeenth century, it nevertheless has a long and interesting genesis.’
  • ‘But how many on the right, aside from Schmitt, explicitly rejected German Romanticism - the main current of German conservatism, with its organicist ideas of the volk - as intellectually and politically bankrupt?’
  • ‘An organicist focuses on the nature of integration, whereas the contextualist focuses on fusion-in either case, they are holistic’ .’
  • ‘A review of the Italian political thought of the 1920s also discloses deep associations between a rightist voluntarist model (such as Gentile's) and a leftist organicist ideology of the social (such as Gramsci's).’



/ôrˈɡanəsəst/ /ɔrˈɡænəsəst/