Definition of organismal in English:


Pronunciation /ˌôrɡəˈnizməl/


See organism

‘Body size is a frequently cited influence on organismal biology and evolution.’
  • ‘These genes strongly implicate the glucose metabolism pathway in organismal aging.’
  • ‘A difference in gene expression need not influence organismal phenotype or fitness.’
  • ‘Both organisms integrate the present organismal state to modify the response to further signals.’
  • ‘The focus of recent studies has been the explicit integration of an organismal perspective into sexual selection studies.’
  • ‘In this regard, it is interesting to consider the potential effects of a division rate correlation on the organismal phenotype.’
  • ‘For example, if we are obligated to sustain all human life, regardless of organismal function, how can death ever be morally permitted?’
  • ‘In higher eukaryotes, impediments to repair can lead to high frequencies of mutation, cancer, and in some cases, cell or organismal death.’
  • ‘The authors are quick to point out the relationship between specific organismal adaptations and the environmental conditions that cause them.’
  • ‘Most importantly, if mutations have no effect on organismal fitness, the genealogy of a sample can be separated entirely from the mutational process.’
  • ‘As new genomes are sequenced, these tools are valuable both in annotation of protein functions and in correlating organismal genotype with phenotype.’
  • ‘Furthermore, the origin of new gene families with disparate functions from ancestral genes is implicated in the evolution of organismal diversity.’
  • ‘It also represents a rare instance in which protein evolution, organismal adaptation, and environmental conditions can be linked directly.’
  • ‘One of the big challenges in integrative organismal biology is to explain-and ideally predict-the evolution of complex animal traits in nature.’
  • ‘Under this definition, complex traits tend to be those at higher levels of organization, including behavior, life history, and organismal physiology.’
  • ‘Explaining ecological phenomena in terms of organismal traits has broad acceptance by community ecologists and growing acceptance by ecosystem ecologists.’
  • ‘Figure 1 gives the overall rooted organismal phylogeny assumed, with the topology for a particular gene constituting only a subtree of this global phylogeny.’
  • ‘We reasoned that if programmed cell death influences organismal death, mutants defective in apoptosis should have abnormal, possibly extended, life spans.’
  • ‘With an interesting narrative and several illustrative diagrams, Hey informs the reader of how to use the neutral theory and genetic drift to define organismal divergence times.’
  • ‘Jonathan Wendel, professor, to chair of the new department of ecology, evolution and organismal biology in the colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Agriculture.’