Definition of organoleptic in English:



  • Acting on, or involving the use of, the sense organs.

    • ‘Foodies will want to look elsewhere for recipes and guidance in matters organoleptic.’
    • ‘Sampling is targeted at providing products for organoleptic evaluations and conformance to specifications.’
    • ‘It does not have a list of tastes, temperatures and channels, but parts of the body affected and organoleptic qualities are included in the text.’
    • ‘Once the oil is returned to Marulli's estate, he puts it through the scrutiny of an expert tasting panel, verifying that the oil meets organoleptic - that is, flavor - standards.’
    • ‘I certainly enjoyed the organoleptic experience and the resultant effects on my well-being, but it was not something which I totally yearned for a repeat experience of, so there is no way that I feel that I could become an addict.’


Mid 19th century from French organoleptique, from Greek organon ‘organ’ + lēptikos ‘disposed to take’ (from lambanein ‘take’).