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  • Any organic compound whose molecule contains one or more phosphate ester groups, especially a pesticide of this kind.

    ‘The Edinburgh-based Institute of Occupational Medicine has reported nerve damage among farm workers exposed to organophosphates.’
    • ‘Scientists from Manchester University studied an enzyme found in blood which is responsible for breaking down an organophosphate used in sheep dip.’
    • ‘At no time did Mr Stoker experience symptoms consistent with acute poisoning with organophosphates.’
    • ‘David Johnson, a neuropsychologist with the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, believes sperm can be genetically damaged by organophosphates.’
    • ‘She remains convinced the cause was organophosphates in sheep dip.’
    • ‘The symptoms of poisoning by organophosphates progress through several stages.’
    • ‘Exposure to some pesticides, particularly the organophosphates, destroys important enzymes in the nervous system.’
    • ‘A case in point is organophosphates, infamous for their devastating effects on the central nervous system.’
    • ‘I believe the leaking of organophosphates out into the wider community must lie with the farmers.’
    • ‘Each year organophosphates poison thousands of humans throughout the world, causing hundreds of deaths.’
    • ‘Regarding organophosphates, the only difference found was in Hungary, where the percentage use was higher.’
    • ‘Organophosphates are also used in the most common types of chemical weapons.’
    • ‘Organophosphates act like a nerve gas, paralyzing the nervous system of the flea.’
    • ‘It works on the nervous system in a similar way to organophosphates.’
    • ‘Evidence is emerging that children may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of organophosphates.’
    • ‘In 5 patients the compound ingested could not be identified but was probably an organophosphate.’
    • ‘Blain described central and peripheral nervous system effects associated with low-level exposures to organophosphates.’
    • ‘I am aware that this is a legal action to do with organophosphates in sheep dip.’
    • ‘Like a good many other people I still believe that organophosphates have a lot to answer for.’
    • ‘I just want to describe, when we talk about nerve agents, we are specifically talking about a special compound known as organophosphates.’



/ôrˌɡanōˈfäsˌfāt/ /ɔrˌɡænoʊˈfɑsˌfeɪt/