Definition of organophosphorus in English:



as modifier
  • Denoting synthetic organic compounds containing phosphorus, especially pesticides and nerve gases of this kind.

    ‘Most of them belong to the carbamate, nicotinoid and organophosphorus families.’
    • ‘Curare, botulinum toxin, and organophosphorus insecticides each interfere with neural transmission.’
    • ‘There is no evidence of which I am aware to associate exposure to organophosphorus compounds, including nerve agents, with asthma.’
    • ‘In developing countries, poisons consumed are commonly toxins such as organophosphorus compounds and aluminium phosphide, and thus mortality is high.’
    • ‘Most modern synthetic organophosphorus compounds are tailor-made to inhibit acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme essential for life in humans and other animal species.’



/ˌôrɡənəˈfäsfərəs/ /ˌɔrɡənəˈfɑsfərəs/ /ôrˌɡanōˈfäsf(ə)rəs/ /ɔrˌɡænoʊˈfɑsf(ə)rəs/