Definition of organza in English:



  • A thin, stiff, transparent fabric made of silk or a synthetic yarn.

    as modifier ‘a silk organza skirt’
    • ‘Inspired by the rich tradition of the sub-continent, Karuna has concentrated on pure fabrics like khadi, silks, organza, brocade, tissue, crepe and georgette.’
    • ‘There are lots of satin and technical fabrics which include silk jersey, duchess satin, silk satin, parachute silk, viscose organza, silk twill, cotton canvas and taffeta.’
    • ‘While she mainly stocks silk fabric with organza, most of the designs can also be acquired in a different and cheaper fabric.’
    • ‘The materials used are silk, silk organza, cotton, brocade and velvet.’
    • ‘The fabrics used - silks, chiffon, georgettes, organza, linen and cotton - remain clearly tailor-made for taking on the Spring and Summer of 2003.’
    • ‘Karuna went through cultural couture in India and Pakistan to present this line in pure fabrics like khadi, silks, organzas, brocades, tissues, crêpes and georgettes.’
    • ‘The favourite of clothing designers is cotton batiste or silk organza.’
    • ‘Soft silk georgette and organza graphic floral prints give the line a feminine touch, whereas some pieces present a more sculpted interpretation of the 60s mod trend, giving the line a sharper kick.’
    • ‘The most coveted are made of silk and organza - and some muslin saris are woven so finely they can be folded down to fit inside a matchbox.’
    • ‘Miss Fleur's collection, ‘The Birthday of the Infanta’ features bright girlswear in organza, silk and velvet with funky camouflage pieces.’
    • ‘Use nude-color tulle or silk organza for interfacing.’
    • ‘A glimpse at the collection shows that Carlson has featured suiting, sportswear and her signature silk organza and Chantilly lace slips.’
    • ‘You can get undyed silk organza from them too, and I also suggest that you post a note at to check on other suppliers.’
    • ‘Most special occasion dresses are made of chiffon, georgette, silk or man-made silk, organza, or crepe.’
    • ‘The collection has been worked on a collage of organza, handmade silk and velvets besides cotton, which clearly is the dominant fabric.’
    • ‘To them, we suggest trying a shade close to charcoal, in a soft fabric such as organza, voile or chiffon, and accessorising it with some striking white jewellery.’
    • ‘From the dress fabric and organza, cut odd-shaped pieces and randomly distribute them throughout the stole.’
    • ‘A focal point of her final collection is a woollen skirt, blouse and long coat - all in neutral colours - with a cream silk organza overcoat on top.’
    • ‘The various line of garments included black origami-inspired silk organza top highlighted with layering and folds.’
    • ‘So if you fancy black silk sheets hallmarked with the name of your house, or silk organza drapes emblazoned with unicorns - all you have to do is ask.’



/ôrˈɡanzə/ /ɔrˈɡænzə/


Early 19th century probably from French organsin (see organzine).