Definition of orgasmically in English:


Pronunciation /-mik(ə)lē/


See orgasmic

‘She began to moan and shudder orgasmically, almost as if she was having an orgasm.’
  • ‘But better to pursue it and fully realize how untenable it is than let it sit and fester in fantasy land, where everything is possible, where you really CAN be together and orgasmically happy.’
  • ‘You had to have been exactly the right age when Birkin orgasmically groaned ‘Je T'aime… Moi Non Plus’ with her lover Serge Gainsbourg, and that age was 12.’
  • ‘The sex left me completely cold - and also, it has to be said, slightly confused (what do lesbians do in bed?) due to the tendency to show two girls kissing, then drawing back slightly and panting orgasmically… wherefore?’
  • ‘Yes, these are the jokes… folks, sometimes I'll be orgasmically (well… at least pleasingly… okay slightly) humorous, and at other times a flaccid waste of a few short minutes of your life.’