Definition of Orientalia in English:


plural noun

  • Books and other items relating to or characteristic of the Orient.

    ‘Probably because it's an early work, its influences sound out rather clearly: early Stravinsky, Soviet Prokofieff, Borodinish orientalia, and here and there a bit of Blochian meditation.’
    • ‘His music is very much of its time, and I should say it has, in its extra-musical concerns of orientalia, hothouse sex, and Celtic twilight, links to the literary Decadents of the Victorian Eighties and Nineties.’
    • ‘He paid meticulous attention to the warmer sonorities without letting the tinkly orientalia (especially in the Ping, Pang, Pong scenes) obscure the predominantly smooth melodic contours.’



/ˌôrēenˈtālēə/ /ˌɔriɛnˈteɪliə/


Late 19th century (in the sense ‘oriental studies’): from Latin, neuter plural of orientalis ‘oriental’.