Definition of original instrument in English:

original instrument


  • A musical instrument, or a copy of one, dating from the time the music played on it was composed.

    ‘We recorded a Philips plate with baroque music playing on original instruments.’
    • ‘Goebel and his Musica Antiqua Köln play on original instruments or on copies thereof.’
    • ‘Fanatical original instrument recordings of Haydn or Vivaldi usually leave me cold.’
    • ‘Baroque composers aren't the only ones who might benefit from a review of original instruments and techniques.’
    • ‘The Chilingirian Quartet, playing original instruments, appears in three of the Tavener works only.’
    • ‘All members of Europa Galante play original instruments or modern copies, but I guess that goes without saying here.’
    • ‘Their approach has been criticised as too heavy and it has become a widespread view that Haydn and Mozart can only be played by chamber orchestras and on original instruments.’
    • ‘Hindemith was one of the first to perform Baroque music with an original instrument ensemble (at Yale University, where he taught for many years).’
    • ‘There was a band playing called Diabolus in Musica who perform with original instruments from medieval times they had everything from bagpipes to a lute.’
    • ‘At the same time, there has also been a return to originals, especially in the area of music, with extensive research on original instruments and scores of the Baroque period revealing new levels in the western musical tradition.’
    • ‘The more acerbic timbres of original instruments ensembles can make the music seem more adventurous than it does here, but Cantilena's rounded, attractive sound is self-justifying.’
    • ‘I don't know if the Sinfonia is an original instruments ensemble, but whether it is or isn't, its timbres and performance style certainly suggest one.’
    • ‘All of our music is performed on original instruments i.e. domra, balalaika, bayan as well as guitar, tambura, percussion and’
    • ‘This is a wonderful original instruments recording of some of Bach's finest chamber music.’
    • ‘To hear it played by Concerto Köln, a classical original instruments ensemble, and Sarband, a German-based group specializing in traditional Turkish music, is a joyously noisy treat.’
    • ‘They play works from the baroque and classical periods on original instruments, and present some of the world's finest singers of florid music when they work in opera.’
    • ‘The modern revival of the harpsichord began with the growing interest in Baroque music in the mid-19th century, when A. J. Hipkins and others began to play on original instruments.’
    • ‘I've never cared to engage in any argument regarding modern versus original instruments, though I'll take modern any day.’
    • ‘There was also an organ in medieval Kings, and it would have been used for services like these… but the current King's organ is half-a-millennium ahead of the original instrument, so they've thought it best not to use it at all.’
    • ‘The Yorkshire Bach Choir, which recently recorded the Monteverdi Vespers, concentrates on music from the late 16th to early 19th centuries, both unaccompanied and with original instruments.’


original instrument

/əˈrijənl/ /əˈrɪdʒənl/ /əˈrijnəl ˈinztrəmənt/ /əˈrɪdʒnəl ˈɪnztrəmənt/ /ˈinstrəmənt/ /ˈɪnstrəmənt/