Definition of ornithologically in English:



See ornithology

  • ‘His choice of the University of Greifswald for medical studies was because of its location in an ornithologically interesting area of Germany.’
  • ‘At some of these ornithologically important sites, it will take the decimated bird population some 10 to 12 years to recover, he said.’
  • ‘But then much of the use of birdsong in music has always been an anecdotal exercise, a way of deliberately conjuring up a mood or a location rather than any attempt to be ornithologically exact.’
  • ‘By the mid-60s, Binney's works had become more naturalistic, more ornithologically precise, and more topographically accurate.’
  • ‘However, as I read some of the Alaska site accounts, I could not help but think that virtually all the potential sites along Alaskan coast are more important ornithologically than our own little Cumberland Island.’