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  • The scientific study of birds.

    ‘This fresh autobiographical study in amateur ornithology may be one of the first birding romance novels!’
    • ‘What do you consider your most important contribution to ornithology?’
    • ‘The German author is widely recognized for his work in ornithology.’
    • ‘After getting a master's in ornithology from Cornell University, she came to the Museum in 1956.’
    • ‘Early works covering Norfolk ornithology make fascinating reading.’
    • ‘This account of the history of ornithology begins with a survey of writings on birds by the ancient Chinese, Greeks and Romans.’
    • ‘With a keen interest in ornithology as well as chemistry; he worked as a volunteer at the RSPB reserve at Minsmere.’
    • ‘His early interest in entomology was extended to ornithology after his arrival in the colony, and he sent many specimens back to England.’
    • ‘Its objectives are the advancement of ornithology and the promotion of the scientific study of birds among ornithologists in Europe.’
    • ‘Priscilla had just begun studying ornithology, and she quickly applied to her university for funds to cover airfare and expenses for a trip to Rodrigues.’
    • ‘He travelled extensively after he retired, pursuing his interests in wildlife and wild places, and, in particular, ornithology.’
    • ‘The Auk, their quarterly journal of ornithology, contains the results of original scientific research and book reviews and is one of the foremost in the field.’
    • ‘He produced two classics of Old World ornithology, first The Birds of Burma in 1940, followed by The Birds of Borneo in 1960.’
    • ‘Hence, we should not only urge our students to think about the broader implications of their studies in ornithology, but to acquire as deep a training in avian biology as possible.’
    • ‘The ability to establish a technique for age estimation in wild birds will provide far-reaching benefits to aviculture, ornithology, and science in general.’
    • ‘His broad biological knowledge extended far beyond ornithology, and his scientific competence and expertise rewarded him with an international reputation.’
    • ‘The role that field guides (together with their essential companion, binoculars) have played in ornithology is difficult to overstate.’
    • ‘The offspring of a long line of doctors, Mayr chose instead to concentrate his considerable intellectual abilities in the field of zoology, with a special interest in ornithology.’
    • ‘Twomey was one of the young men turned on to ornithology by a distinguished pioneer naturalist, Frank L. Farley, author of Birds of the Battle River Region of Central Alberta.’
    • ‘The non profit-making society aims to advance the education of the public in the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of ornithology, birds and bird study and promote protection of wild birds.’



/ˌôrnəˈTHäləjē/ /ˌɔrnəˈθɑlədʒi/


Late 17th century from modern Latin ornithologia, from Greek ornithologos ‘treating of birds’.