Definition of ornithomimosaur in English:



technical term for ostrich dinosaur
  • ‘The only remaining controversy is whether therezinosauroids are closer to ornithomimosaurs or to oviraptorosaurs.’
  • ‘Holtz ultimately concludes that ornithomimosaurs and tyrannosaurs probably form a monophyletic group, although his calculations do not yield a clean separation.’
  • ‘Previous work with stable nitrogen isotope analysis did not find a significant difference in values between North American ornithomimosaurs and clearly carnivorous theropods such as tyrannosaurids and dromaeosaurids.’
  • ‘Dodson suggested, because of their rarity, that the small theropods ‘habitually inhabited other environments in other areas’, unlike Albertosaurus and the ornithomimosaurs.’
  • ‘Ornithomimosaurs were a group of toothless meat-eating theropod dinosaurs that lived in the Cretaceous period.’


1980s from modern Latin Ornithomimosauria, from Greek ornis, ornith- ‘bird’ + mimos ‘mime’ + sauros ‘lizard’.