Definition of oropendola in English:



  • A gregarious tropical American bird of the American blackbird family that constructs a pendulous nest and has brown or black plumage with yellow outer tail feathers.

    Genus Psarocolius, family Icteridae: several species

    ‘According to Ridgely and Tudor, it is more likely to be mistaken for a cacique than an oropendola in the field.’
    • ‘In one spot deep within the gorge, the pendulous nests of green oropendolas adorn the outer branches of a tall tree growing on one of the river's small islands.’
    • ‘We obtained samples from 25 oropendola individuals for our study, chosen to represent variation within and between 8 of the 11 species of oropendola recognized by Sibley and Monroe.’
    • ‘The small island was alive with wildlife: sloths, tapirs, peccaries, howler monkeys, tamarins, ocelots, blue-headed parrots, trogons and oropendolas, birds that make noises like water dropping on water.’
    • ‘In contrast, the Montezuma Oropendola shares few vocal characteristics with other oropendolas, including P. viridis and G. bifasciatus.’



/ˌôrōˈpendələ/ /ˌɔroʊˈpɛndələ/


Late 19th century from Spanish, literally ‘golden oriole’.