Definition of orthogonally in English:



See orthogonal

‘The Q y axes of BChl-a in LH1 are, along with the ring, to be coupled strongly, but the orthogonally oriented Q x axes are parallel and do not overlap.’
  • ‘The side AB = c is taken as a reference direction in each case, and for mathematical convenience is defined such that [Theta] c is always the largest angle or C projects orthogonally onto line AB and not outside it.’
  • ‘Because the two sets of antagonistic IFMs are oriented orthogonally within the thorax, contractions in one set activate the other after a short delay, and the entire system functions as a mechanical resonator.’
  • ‘Also, the demographic variables are by no means guaranteed to be orthogonally varied - the distribution of geography, age, educational level, conversational topic and sex may contain some relevant partial correlations.’
  • ‘Ethnicity was orthogonally coded by three dummy variables for four ethnic groups (non-Hispanic White, Hispanic, African American, and other).’
  • ‘Objective focuses the exciting light on muscle, collects it, and projects fluorescent light onto the photomultipliers through orthogonally polarized analyzers.’



/ôrˈTHäɡ(ə)nəlē/ /ɔrˈθɑɡ(ə)nəli/