Definition of orthophosphoric acid in English:

orthophosphoric acid


another term for phosphoric acid
‘A phosphate is a salt that is prepared from orthophosphoric acid.’
  • ‘Soil samples were pretreated with excess 0.1 M orthophosphoric acid to remove inorganic C salts.’
  • ‘The pH value at which a one molar solution exists as half orthophosphoric acid and half dihydrogen phosphate ion, H 2 PO 4 -, the pK 1, is 2.15.’
  • ‘For carbonates, CO2 gas was yielded from each sample by reaction with orthophosphoric acid at 90°C, and the isotope ratios were measured using a VG Isocarb device and Prism mass spectrometer.’
  • ‘Barley scutellar scrapes were isolated from barley grain imbibed for 48 h and labelled in vivo for 3 h with [P] orthophosphoric acid either in the presence (+) or absence (-) of 5 mM amino acids.’


orthophosphoric acid

/ˌôTHōfäsˈfôrik/ /ˌɔθoʊfɑsˈfɔrɪk/