Definition of orthopteroid in English:



  • Relating to a group of insect orders that are related to the grasshoppers and crickets, including also the stoneflies, stick insects, earwigs, cockroaches, mantises, and termites.

    ‘An ovipositor may have produced the short posterior medial projection, or terminal imprint if it were long, but given that an orthopteroid producer is unlikely, the terminal imprint was probably produced by a tail spine.’
    • ‘A new interpretation of the forewing venation pattern of the Archaeorthoptera Béthoux and NeI, 2002 (‘orthopteroid’ insects including Orthoptera) was proposed by Béthoux and NeI, and then emended by Béthoux et al. and Béthoux and NeI.’
    • ‘We searched for effects of diflubenzuron treatment on numbers and diversity of two groups of litter arthropods-spiders (Araneae) and orthopteroid insects.’
    • ‘While it seems likely that these "orthopteroid" groups are fairly closely related to each other, exactly how they are related is not fully understood.’
    • ‘Scientists group cockroaches, praying mantids, grasshoppers, crickets, katydids, stick insects and some other insects together as orthopteroid insects.’



/ôrˈTHäptəˌroid/ /ɔrˈθɑptəˌrɔɪd/