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adjective & noun

See orthorexia

‘Every potential orthorexic reaches a moment of self-revelation when they realise that they're either going to have to compromise or stay at home alone juicing beetroot and celery for ever.’
  • ‘As an anorexic, I looked down on people who ate heartily; I think orthorexics like being awkward and see people who eat what I would term ‘rubbish’ food as weak and unhealthy.’
  • ‘Like anorexia, it often involves severe weight loss, but so-called orthorexics are obsessed with food quality, rather than quantity, and strive for personal purity in their eating habits rather than for a thin physique.’
  • ‘This behavior is similar to those who suffer from anorexia or bulimia nervosa, except that anorexics and bulimics are concerned with the quantity of food consumed; whereas, orthorexics are concerned with the quality.’
  • ‘As McCandless sees it, the apparent rise in orthorexic behaviour is at least partly because "There is no single authority any more that can tell us what's safe or not. There is no consensus on what's good for you.'’



/ˌôrTHəˈreksik/ /ˌɔrθəˈrɛksɪk/