Definition of orthosis in English:


nounplural noun orthoses/-ˌsēz/

  • 1Medicine
    The correction of disorders of the limbs or spine by use of braces and other devices to correct alignment or provide support.

    1. 1.1A brace or other such device; orthotic.
      ‘There is widespread use of several semirigid orthoses made of cloth or plastic to prevent ankle sprains.’
      • ‘In the orthosis group, nearly all patients reported using their orthosis for about 5.5 hours each day for six days of the week.’
      • ‘It can be treated conservatively with an orthosis (support for the foot), rest and physiotherapy.’
      • ‘Although occupational therapy provides a means of educating patients and social support, there are few evaluations of specific interventions such as the provision of walking aids, orthoses, and splints in controlled studies.’
      • ‘Most patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis who require treatment with a brace may use a thoracolumbar-sacral orthosis or a cervicothoracolumbar-sacral orthosis.’



/ôrˈTHōsəs/ /ɔrˈθoʊsəs/


1950s from Greek orthōsis ‘making straight’, from orthoun ‘set straight’.