Definition of orthostichy in English:


nounplural noun orthostichies

  • (in phyllotaxis) a vertical row of leaves arranged one directly above another.

    Contrasted with parastichy

    ‘Longitudinal section of shoot apex and an orthostichy of leaf primordia that are forming a rib.’
    • ‘Typically, they traverse the same number of internodes between the position at which they diverge from the minor axial bundles until they enter the branch base as the number of leaf orthostichies on the shoot.’
    • ‘Phyllotactic rows are easiest to identify in columnar cacti because vertically aligned leaf primordia merge together forming ribs (orthostichies).’
    • ‘Spiral phyllotaxis patterns have only parastichies, whereas whorled patterns have both orthostichies and parastichies.’
    • ‘On the dorsal surface of the branch there are also two orthostichies of leaves of the usual form.’



/ôrˈTHästikē/ /ɔrˈθɑstɪki/


Late 19th century from ortho-‘upright, straight’ + Greek stikhos ‘row, rank’.