Definition of os centrale in English:

os centrale


  • A bone, or any of an intermediate row or group of bones, present in the carpus or tarsus of most vertebrates.

    In humans and certain other primates, the single os centrale in the carpus becomes fused with the scaphoid, while that in the tarsus becomes the navicular bone. In less than 2% of humans, the os centrale in the carpus does not fuse with the scaphoid and remains a separate carpal bone.


os centrale

/ˌɒs sɛnˈtreɪli/ /ˌɒs sɛnˈtrɑːleɪ/


Late 19th century; earliest use found in William Flower (1831–1899), zoologist and museum curator. From scientific Latin os centrale from classical Latin os bone + centrāle, neuter of centrālis.