Definition of Osage orange in English:

Osage orange


  • A small spiny North American deciduous tree which bears inedible green orange-like fruit. Its durable yellowish-orange wood was formerly used by North American Indians for bows and other weapons.

    Also called bowwood

    Maclura pomifera, family Moraceae

    ‘Connie Barlow writes that the Osage orange tree is rare.’
    • ‘Probably one of the most common questions I hear is ‘Is it okay to make a bow from a wood other than yew or Osage orange?’’
    • ‘These extinct American herbivores once dispersed the seeds of such big-fruited plants as honey locust, Kentucky coffee tree, and Osage orange, all of which produce fruits that no native animal today regards as food.’
    • ‘It was very prosaic-no trees except a few around the farmhouse and a row of Osage oranges that farmers planted as a fence line 100 years ago.’
    • ‘Another very interesting member of the mulberry family is the Osage orange (Maclura pomifera).’


Osage orange

/ˈōˌsāj ˈôrənj/ /ˈoʊˌseɪdʒ ˈɔrəndʒ/