Definition of osmolality in English:



  • The concentration of a solution expressed as the total number of solute particles per kilogram.

    ‘They are also regulatory organs, controlling the volume and the composition of the body fluids and maintaining the correct osmolality, ion concentrations, and acid - base status of the body.’
    • ‘The osmolality of all prepared solutions was measured with an osmometer.’
    • ‘The important factors in the production of phlebitis by amino acid solutions were osmolality and the amount of potassium infused per day.’
    • ‘To obtain a direct measurement of the osmolality, 50 randomly selected samples were analyzed with an osmometer.’
    • ‘The infusion should be diluted to reduce the osmolality, even if an increase in infusion rate is necessary.’



/ˌäzmōˈlalədē/ /ˌɑzmoʊˈlælədi/


1940s blend of osmotic (see osmosis) and molal, + -ity.