Definition of ostentatiously in English:


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  • In a pretentious or showy way designed to impress.

    ‘she was known for dressing ostentatiously in designer clothes’
    • ‘he ostentatiously announced on national television that he was leaving’
    • ‘Despite their wealth they chose not to live ostentatiously.’
    • ‘He leaned over towards her, and Lizzy started coughing ostentatiously when the cigar smoke floated in her direction.’
    • ‘He hissed when Galloway spoke, of course, cheered ostentatiously when King spoke, and generally made himself ridiculous.’
    • ‘Brides still wear ostentatiously royal gowns that cannot be used again for any other function.’
    • ‘She pounces on an empty seat and gestures ostentatiously to me that the one opposite is free.’
    • ‘The Atlantic and Pacific coasts are being ostentatiously patrolled by large and reassuring Navy vessels.’
    • ‘He also ostentatiously supported the death penalty.’
    • ‘Rooms are handsomely but not ostentatiously furnished, and all have king-size beds, fireplaces, and decks that overlook the lake.’
    • ‘Many nobles now ostentatiously turned their backs on public life, as beneath their dignity.’
    • ‘If we ostentatiously display our Rolex watch, should we be held responsible when it is ripped from our wrist?’



/ˌäst(ə)nˈtāSHəslē/ /ˌɑst(ə)nˈteɪʃəsli/