Definition of osteoid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈästēˌoid/ /ˈɑstiˌɔɪd/


  • Resembling bone in appearance or structure.

    ‘Fulcra at either end of columnal strongly divergent, giving columnal an osteoid appearance.’
    • ‘None of the CF patients' undecalcified biopsy specimens in the present study demonstrated the osteoid parameters (excess osteoid surfaces and thick osteoid seams) characteristic of vitamin D deficiency osteomalacia.’
    • ‘These compounds are incorporated into hydroxyapatite crystals that are deposited in an osteoid matrix during new bone formation.’
    • ‘Giant cells were admixed with osteoid tissue or with mitotically active mononuclear cells.’
    • ‘Second, the tumor showed dual differentiation into a classic granulosa cell component with different patterns and a central component in which there was mesenchymal differentiation into smooth muscle and osteoid components.’


  • The unmineralized organic component of bone.

    ‘The cancer cells produce a bony substance called osteoid, which builds up into lumps on the bone.’
    • ‘Because of its rarity the diagnosis may not be considered, particularly if osteoid is sparse.’
    • ‘Osteoid osteoma is a benign tumor containing osteoid in a stroma of loose vascular connective tissue.’
    • ‘Microscopically, conventional osteosarcomas are composed of malignant-appearing spindle cells that produce osteoid.’