Definition of osteosarcoma in English:


nounplural noun osteosarcomas, plural noun osteosarcomata/-mətə/

  • A malignant tumor of bone in which there is a proliferation of osteoblasts.

    ‘Microscopically, conventional osteosarcomas are composed of malignant-appearing spindle cells that produce osteoid.’
    • ‘Most osteosarcomas arise from non-inherited errors in the DNA of growing bone cells.’
    • ‘Some animals developed osteosarcomas, and consequently the human trial was stopped at just over the halfway point.’
    • ‘Radiotherapy is not usually used to treat osteosarcomas or chondrosarcomas, because it does not have great effect.’
    • ‘We describe a 21-year-old man with an osteosarcoma of the right tibia that was removed 4 years previously.’



/ˌästēōsärˈkōmə/ /ˌɑstioʊsɑrˈkoʊmə/