Definition of other half in English:

other half


  • one's other halfA person's wife, husband, or partner.

    • ‘treat your other half to a romantic outing for two’
    • ‘My other half can treat himself to a slab and make it last a whole week.’
    • ‘I was very pleasantly surprised when the editor introduced me and my other half to the rest of the team with a full bio.’
    • ‘It was great to see him and his other half albeit only for a couple of hours.’
    • ‘Running a business from home with your other half might sound like some people's idea of a nightmare.’
    • ‘My other half and I are constantly trying to persuade each other to try something new, but to no avail.’
    • ‘Forgive me - the other half has been away since Monday lunchtime and my libido is all backed up.’
    • ‘If she can't stop her other half straying, what chance do you think you have?’
    • ‘Are they both striving for success and reluctant to give their other half the time they deserve?’
    • ‘Luckily I was able to pinch a dollop from my other half as he had ordered roast beef and all the trimmings.’
    • ‘She sat at another table as her other half was apparently meeting her there soon and he has a bit of a temper.’
    girlfriend, girl, partner, significant other


other half

/ˈəT͟Hər ˈhaf/ /ˈəðər ˈhæf/