Definition of other than in English:

other than


  • 1with negative or in questions Apart from; except.

    ‘he claims not to own anything other than his home’
    • ‘I'm the only one now who can look over and see anything other than open water beside us.’
    • ‘Nor would it ever cross their minds to ask me to write about anything other than here.’
    • ‘The police never pretend their figures are based on anything other than reported crime.’
    • ‘These are strange times to be putting up a statue to anything other than flux.’
    • ‘I shall not pretend that this was anything other than a bad result, because it was.’
    • ‘No amount of reconstruction can bring to life anything other than the most recent events.’
    • ‘You don't for a moment consider anything other than a real fire when you live deep in the country.’
    • ‘It's simply unacceptable for anything other than the truth to be taught in schools.’
    • ‘He had never intended to use the knife for anything other than breaking into the property.’
    • ‘I don't want to say anything other than I went down the wrong side of the lock and got stuck.’
    apart from, besides, in addition to, over and above, beyond, not counting, leaving aside, barring, other than, but, but for, excluding, not including, without, with the exception of, except, except for, excepting, omitting, leaving out, short of, save, save for
    1. 1.1Differently or different from; otherwise than.
      • ‘there is no suggestion that we are to take this other than literally’