Definition of other woman in English:

other woman


the other woman
  • The female lover of a married or similarly attached person.

    ‘her husband left the matrimonial home to live with the other woman’
    • ‘They had both two-timed her, and then married the other woman in both cases.’
    • ‘You want him to stop seeing the other woman, but she may want you to do the same.’
    • ‘His dad left his family when the other woman came to calling and left his mom to raise six kids and work.’
    • ‘The baby he's having with the other woman will be married before he fesses up.’
    • ‘It showed that men are more willing to straddle two boats if the other woman doesn't demand a divorce.’
    • ‘She could not tell what he was seeing in her, but at last he turned to the other woman.’
    • ‘Their son was in the home and the child of the other woman was there as well.’
    • ‘Do I believe him when he says there's nothing going on between him and this other woman?’
    • ‘I could tell this other woman meant nothing to Robert and was just a shoulder for him to cry on.’
    • ‘Are you afraid your boyfriend will find some other woman more attractive than you?’
    • ‘Sure she had love on her side, but this other woman had an unfathomably long history on hers.’
    • ‘I loved how there was only one other woman in his life besides me, and that was his mom.’
    partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, man, woman, lady friend, lady-love, loved one, beloved, love, darling, sweetheart


other woman

/ˈəT͟Hər ˈwo͝omən/ /ˈəðər ˈwʊmən/