Definition of otherness in English:


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  • The quality or fact of being different.

    ‘the developed world has been celebrating African music while altogether denying its otherness’
    • ‘The search for the disreputable which reinforces the notion of difference as objectified otherness is often carried out with the help of Third World women themselves.’
    • ‘Yet it never quite loses its quality of otherness, as demonstrated by its use in this recent Brussels apartment block.’
    • ‘I have tried to show how these festivals help produce the desire for otherness and difference, in ever more complex forms.’
    • ‘And how, I ask you, does this reflect on their other viewpoints concerning difference and otherness?’
    • ‘The intolerant base their views on a factual error, which then fuels a general suspicion of otherness.’
    • ‘In fact, immigration, the influx of otherness, is crucial to the spiritual upkeep of the nation.’
    • ‘It denies the possible otherness that would render the unknown worth knowing.’
    • ‘The modern pop star seems to have lost a great deal of the flamboyant otherness that characterised his/her 80s predecessors.’
    • ‘It's an image that is rife with a frank sexuality that isn't shy to speak up for its otherness.’
    • ‘Anthropology, our source of narratives of otherness, has a professional bias towards difference.’
    • ‘Whilst ‘interesting’ camera angles always suggest a lower budget, here they serve to accentuate this place's otherness.’
    • ‘It will lose all otherness, and become merely one among many simulations in a world that has lost all depth, fully digitalised and pressed flat against the computer screen.’
    • ‘The abyss of ethnographic otherness has been momentarily bridged.’
    • ‘But what is more miraculous than this: that one might taste another in his otherness and let him be?’
    • ‘And when my living children were born, I was overwhelmed not only by their beauty, but also by their otherness.’
    • ‘Elements of transformation, however, occur most pointedly in the encounter with otherness.’
    • ‘Music poses an enormous challenge to a writer: its abstraction refutes description, but its very otherness can be liberating.’
    • ‘It is a symptom of incomplete development in the encounter with otherness and individuation of one's own personality.’
    • ‘So I guess we're obsessed with the exotic otherness of the genre right now.’
    • ‘And again, like you said, these are not mega-stars whose celebrity and otherness is intimidating.’



/ˈəT͟Hərnəs/ /ˈəðərnəs/