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‘The kookiness comes over as detachment or other-worldliness.’
  • ‘Yet I find a fascination in learning about other ways of seeing the reef in which the element of other-worldliness comes through strongly and differently.’
  • ‘In this attitude of other-worldliness in which the world was totally neglected, there was naturally no place for acquiring a knowledge of the physical universe.’
  • ‘His private manner and aloofness, coupled with his pre-eminent intellect, no doubt created an aura of other-worldliness around him.’
  • ‘However, there is absolutely none of the usual weirdness or other-worldliness associated with magical work.’



/ˌəT͟Hərˈwər(ə)ldlēnəs/ /ˌəðərˈwər(ə)ldlinəs/