Definition of ottava rima in English:

ottava rima


  • A form of poetry consisting of stanzas of eight lines of ten or eleven syllables, rhyming abababcc.

    ‘I wrote the answer in ottava rima’
    • ‘In the fifth assignment we finally stared metre directly in the face: the assignment was to write a sonnet, terza rima or ottava rima, in iambic pentameter.’
    • ‘Shelley composed this playful work of 78 stanzas in ottava rima within the space of three days.’
    • ‘The portrait also contains sheets of simulated verse to emphasize that he specialized in terza rima and ottava rima.’
    • ‘There's nothing poetic about a local news personality, except when he does traffic in ottava rima.’


ottava rima

/ōˌtävə ˈrēmə/ /oʊˌtɑvə ˈrimə/


Late 18th century from Italian, literally ‘eighth rhyme’.