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  • Used to express pain.

    ‘Ouch! I've trodden on a thistle’
    • ‘Suppose I have to go through the pain before things get better but ouch!’
    • ‘I had a tiff with someone very dear to me the other day, and at some point during the argument I was hit with, ‘don't analyse me, leave it to the experts’ - ouch!’
    • ‘A pencil eyeliner is also effective but make sure it's of a creamy texture as there's nothing worse than pulling a hard pencil across the tender skin of the eyelid - ouch!’
    • ‘Members were instrumental in helping raise funds for the project and even included a sponsored leg wax in their activities - ouch!’
    • ‘Sheep in 1988 were blasted against a reflecting plate, ouch!’
    • ‘Here we are in this large flooring retailer - and ouch!’
    • ‘Now whenever you see that slimy snake slithering its way to the boss's cabin, one twist of the doll's arm is all that is needed - ouch!’
    • ‘I have put my hand firmly over the mouth of little devil at my shoulder who wants to say something sarca - ouch!’
    • ‘The Unclaimed Assets Register estimates that we have let slip £1 billion of life policies and £3 billion of pensions - ouch!’
    • ‘Even with the addition of larger frontal pads, the ‘glasses’ still manage to drive their way into the top of my nose bridge guaranteeing me an almost instant headache - ouch!’
    • ‘You just hit one of my bruises from earlier today, ouch!’
    • ‘But that procedure runs to $11,000 or more (including hormone shots - ouch!).’
    • ‘The minimum payment due on a recent bill was - ouch! - $350.’
    • ‘So, including August's rate rise, the 1.25% hike since last November means finding an extra £104 a month - ouch!’
    • ‘Okay, so I studied maths, statistics and computer science at University and, to date, I've endured a sixteen-year career - sixteen years, ouch!’
    • ‘A slight alteration of grip ended the hammer bite problem, and this certainly won't be a problem for everyone, but it is something to be aware of - ouch!’
    • ‘My alarm clock went off, making me fall off the bed… ouch!’
    • ‘But, a modern woman of 38 surely does not yearn to appear like a matronly 52… ouch!’
    • ‘All I can say is ouch!; it must feel like you're yanking out hundreds of hair follicles after each and every stroke.’
    • ‘I neglected to do this for my wife, which increased her tax bill by over £1, 200 - ouch!’



/ouCH/ /aʊtʃ/


Natural exclamation: first recorded in English in the mid 17th century.