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first person plural
  • 1reflexive Used as the object of a verb or preposition when this is the same as the subject of the clause and the subject is the speaker and one or more other people considered together.

    ‘for this we can only blame ourselves’
    • ‘There is no need for police to direct our every act in order for us to enjoy ourselves.’
    • ‘The basic freedom to dance, listen to music and enjoy ourselves is now under threat.’
    • ‘It's a big occasion and a big game for us and we've just got to go out there and enjoy ourselves.’
    • ‘We can stuff ourselves stupid on the richest foods and blame it all on somebody else.’
    • ‘Conditions in the afternoon settled and we enjoyed having the wreck all to ourselves.’
    • ‘We can both laugh at and enjoy the simplicity of it without selling ourselves out.’
    • ‘Other people may demand definitions of who we are but to ourselves we are simply ourselves.’
    • ‘We will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and we'll be back stronger than ever.’
    • ‘We could make substantial savings if we all conduct ourselves in a proper manner.’
    • ‘Now, for the first time, we could find ourselves with too many applicants next year!’
    • ‘The lasting effect is to compel us to reposition ourselves in relation to nature.’
    • ‘We seem to be limiting ourselves purely to those people who are rich enough or bold enough to own a horse.’
    • ‘To admit to ourselves that we get angry with the people we depend on or that we are in fact alone can be far too painful.’
    • ‘Because of the weather there were few people about so we had the place to ourselves.’
    • ‘We've spent a lot of the time with other people and less time with just ourselves.’
    • ‘Try to explain that other people rarely notice the kind of detail we notice in ourselves.’
    • ‘It emphasises how we have the ability to laugh at ourselves, rather than at each other.’
    • ‘We owe it to ourselves as much as we do to the people who died over the past few days to act that way.’
    • ‘We just want to get to the bottom of this, for the sake of other people as well as ourselves.’
    • ‘There are a lot of guilty people in the situation we find ourselves in, anyone and everyone.’
  • 2emphatic We or us personally (used to emphasize the speaker and one or more other people considered together)

    ‘we invented it ourselves’
    • ‘We got a bit of bad advice, but we took it ourselves so we can't blame anybody else.’
    • ‘With the last album, fans said their favourite songs were the ones we wrote ourselves.’
    • ‘We had the bravery and the belief to do it ourselves, and not depend on results elsewhere.’
    • ‘I thought the recipe in the book looked good and we shall have to have a go at it ourselves.’



/ourˈselvz/ /aʊrˈsɛlvz/ /ärˈselvz/ /ɑrˈsɛlvz/