Definition of out front in English:

out front

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  • 1mainly North American At or to the front; in front.

    ‘two station wagons stopped out front’
    • ‘There is city Bus stop out front, and seniors ride free.’
    • ‘They have also taken to stopping when she is out front to verbally abuse her and egg her on.’
    • ‘Think of it like this: You and I face each other in a front stance, each with our left leg out front.’
    • ‘The two are standing in front of an alley way right out front of he hotel when three people attack Adam from behind.’
    • ‘Of course, on the continent, a restaurant is only half a restaurant if it doesn't have seating out front.’
    • ‘Sitting out front, and watching Kyle play brought back all the happy memories.’
    • ‘In no time, she was back out front, tossing everything into the back seat and climbing in.’
    • ‘Suddenly the wind hit, overtaking the chalet, shaking the wooden balcony out front, and swirling inside, filling the room.’
    • ‘A few people went swimming, a few played football out front, and a few watched TV.’
    • ‘She walked out into the main room and squinted out the window, watching a green truck park out front.’
    1. 1.1In the auditorium of a theater.
      ‘when Kieran did a soundcheck, I'd find a seat out front to watch’
      • ‘The time for the concert to start approached and he asked Rebecca if she had intended to sit back stage or out front.’