Definition of out of context in English:

out of context


  • Without the surrounding words or circumstances and so not fully understandable.

    ‘the article portrayed her as domineering by dropping quotes from her out of context’
    • ‘He twists words, quotes people out of context and stretches the truth to suit his purpose.’
    • ‘The embarrassment was such that Gilchrist found himself explaining that his words had been taken out of context.’
    • ‘She says her words were taken out of context, but soon submits her resignation.’
    • ‘He said that his words were taken out of context and he was sorry if he had offended anyone.’
    • ‘By taking these words out of context, you have intentionally distorted my meaning to suit your own weak argument.’
    • ‘Once in a while you stumble over a wonderful museum that seems entirely out of context in its surroundings.’
    • ‘However, he later admitted it, insisting his description of Jones was being quoted out of context.’
    • ‘In answer to your inquiry, my quote was taken out of context and sensationalized.’
    • ‘Bear in mind that I wasn't paying huge amounts of attention to this show, and I've just taken his quote out of context.’
    • ‘He can't deny it, but he does say he was often quoted out of context to play up the producer's interest in human folly.’
    • ‘The injunction to turn the other cheek is often quoted, out of context, to justify craven submission.’
    • ‘That way you can say the reporter quoted you out of context, or better still, had an agenda.’
    • ‘He quotes out of context, and in several cases his points are simply wrong.’
    • ‘People are being milked for every last dime and scriptures are quoted out of context.’
    • ‘Those of you who have not gone off to quote me out of context should remember that I do not agree with this.’
    • ‘If it turns out the quote is inaccurate or taken out of context, please let me know.’
    • ‘Taken out of context, the bits and pieces that I have quoted seem slight and inconsequential.’
    • ‘Two of those quoted complained that their comments had been taken out of context.’
    • ‘He repeats the usual claim that evolutionists have been quoted out of context to provide arguments against evolution.’
    • ‘Parents subsequently discovered that other professionals cited in the article had been quoted out of context.’