Definition of out of court in English:

out of court

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  • 1Before a legal hearing can take place.

    ‘they are trying to settle the squabble out of court’
    • ‘an out-of-court settlement’
    • ‘He threatened legal action but an out of court settlement was reached.’
    • ‘One of the things the legal group has been working on is the encouragement of out of court settlements in legal disputes.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it was settled out of court and the settlement wasn't made public.’
    • ‘Three of the plaintiffs reached settlements of their cases out of court.’
    • ‘The settlement was agreed out of court and approved by a judge at the High Court in Manchester.’
    • ‘A number of lawsuits have been settled out of court in America.’
    • ‘Her mother's lawsuit resulted in a massive out of court settlement paid by the gun retailer.’
    • ‘One consequence of defining the offence so widely is that reliance is placed on prosecutorial discretion to keep minor incidents out of court.’
    • ‘The case was settled out of court for $2.2 million plus legal fees.’
    • ‘We can be of assistance out of court, and especially while they're waiting for verdicts and those sort of things if they're on bail and outside.’
    • ‘Here she is hoping the campaign doesn't get too dirty, here she is libelling her opponent and paying an out of court settlement, and here she is repeating the libel.’
    • ‘If possible, the national church would prefer to resolve these disputes out of court.’
    • ‘Both involved newspapers and were settled out of court, resulting in no case law.’
    • ‘However he fell out with his backers, which led to an out of court settlement.’
    • ‘However, I chose not to give all my money fighting in the courts and settled out of court.’
    • ‘I think the right thing to do is what I suggested a moment ago, namely, read the cases out of court and give you an answer in writing.’
    • ‘Their plan: urge litigants to skip expensive trials and to settle out of court with the help of mediators.’
    • ‘The defendant adamantly refused to settle out of court and the case went to arbitration.’
    • ‘In most such cases, complaints are settled out of court and writs are not issued.’
    • ‘However an out of court settlement brought a holt to proceedings the following year.’
  • 2Treated as impossible or not worthy of consideration.

    • ‘the price would put it out of court for most private buyers’