Definition of out of line in English:

out of line


  • Behaving in a way that breaks the rules or is considered inappropriate.

    ‘he had never stepped out of line with her before’
    • ‘If you break rules, if you step out of line, then obviously you face the consequences.’
    • ‘I was boiling with anger and shouted that his behaviour was way out of line.’
    • ‘But I think there are possible alternatives to censuring and rebuking those who step out of line.’
    • ‘If he takes one step out of line during the two years after his release, he can be recalled to prison.’
    • ‘As a player, I was never scared of telling people if they had stepped out of line and I'm no different as a manager.’
    • ‘I AM not a believer in hitting players with hefty punishments any time they step out of line.’
    • ‘I am sick of being too scared to say what I think, or to tell people when they are out of line.’
    • ‘Players are so in fear of stepping out of line off the pitch they are far from relaxed by the time they step onto it.’
    • ‘I got into an argument with the instructor, who gave me detention for speaking out of line.’
    • ‘I was way out of line, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart.’