Definition of out of season in English:

out of season

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  • 1(of a fruit, vegetable, or other food) not grown or available at the time of year in question.

    ‘oranges are out of season’
    • ‘customer demand for out of season crops’
    • ‘A greenhouse has controlled temperature, humidity and light so that exotic plants can be grown outside their natural climates and produce flowers and fruits out of season.’
    • ‘Anyone with half a brain knew that persimmons were out of season.’
    • ‘Strawberries will be woefully out of season for another few months.’
    • ‘I probably wouldn't choose a dish with zucchini out of season because I know that it wouldn't taste of anything.’
    • ‘We just can't go on repeating the same old mistakes, for example flying fruit and vegetables to our supermarkets out of season.’
  • 2At the time of year when a place is less popular or fashionable.

    ‘English seaside resorts out of season famously possess a melancholy charm’
    • ‘it had the feel of an out of season ski resort’
    • ‘The British Tourist Authority in Sydney can provide literature on travel and accommodation, but 'out of season' it is rare to experience any problems finding a place to 'lay your head down'.’
    • ‘The resorts become virtual ghost towns out of season.’
    • ‘Because space is limited and saturation-point quickly reached, the best time to visit the Amalfi coast is out of season.’
    • ‘This beach, out of season, is reliably lonely.’
    • ‘Blackpool out of season, like most seaside resorts, is a town not at its best.’