Definition of out of the box in English:

out of the box


(also right out of the box)
  • 1 informal Used to refer to the immediate usability or functionality of a newly purchased product, typically an electronic device or a piece of software.

    • ‘most laptops come with wireless capability out of the box’
    • ‘console games need to be good to go right out of the box’
    • ‘Let the developers give us, the paying, gaming public, products that are playable out of the box.’
    • ‘We slapped it into the Vancouver mobo and had the whole thing running first time within 30 minutes of taking the motherboard out of the box.’
    • ‘Unlike its predecessor, the console will play DVDs straight out of the box - no need for the optional extra DVD kit.’
    • ‘This circuit seems to suit the car much better than the previous circuits and it was already good yesterday straight out of the box and I am pretty happy with it.’
    • ‘All of this stuff should work out of the box, but as I do not really read my own feeds, please let me know if something seems wrong.’
    • ‘The main advantage of the Mac is that is just works, straight out of the box.’
    • ‘If somebody made an automatic shoe-lacer she'd expect it to work straight out of the box at the press of a button.’
    • ‘To make matters worse, it's more expensive and gives you fewer necessary applications right out of the box than Linux.’
    • ‘Most half-decent machines, even notebooks, are, out of the box, fast enough for everyday jobs already.’
    • ‘I miss quality image management - something I had with my Sony Vaio out of the box.’
    1. 1.1mainly US From the very beginning; immediately.
      ‘his family memoir was a ratings smash right out of the box’
      • ‘It's hard to find other producers who've enjoyed such distinguished success right out of the box.’
      • ‘Today's high school quarterback comes better prepared to shine right out of the box.’
      • ‘In addition, they have start paying for themselves straight out of the box.’
      • ‘Distributors didn't think that every film had to gross $150 million out of the box.’
      • ‘I see too many publishers come in and expect to hit home runs the first time out of the box.’
      • ‘Buckman's approach - going global right out of the box - would probably strike many as overly risky.’
      • ‘You may not have this hot list out of the box, but you can hone it over time.’
      • ‘To fault Mad About You for not being perfect out of the box (and it's the rare show that is) is unfair.’
      • ‘I think we had some good chemistry, you know, between the two of us right out of the box.’
      • ‘We had to work pretty hard to gain some speed back that we had expected to have right out of the box.’