Definition of out with it in English:

out with it

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  • Say what you are thinking.

    ‘‘I love Liana,’ he said, coming right out with it.’
    • ‘Come on, love, don't be shy, out with it, out with it!’
    • ‘‘Well, out with it,’ I waved a hand at the lanky soldier.’
    • ‘Come on, out with it, I want to know the details, including why you haven't told me this before.’
    • ‘When we reached a nearby park and sat down, she came out with it.’
    • ‘Right, out with it - what do I have to do to bring down one of these barriers?’
    • ‘He wanted to make sure he had heard his friend correctly, but he was afraid if he came right out with it, he would be wrong.’
    • ‘He rightly assumed that there was no need to fill Sara in on their conversation so far, so he just came out with it.’
    • ‘So out with it woman, I'm sure you have one, so if you do, please share.’
    • ‘Come on, man, out with it. What has been worrying you these last days?’