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the outback
  • 1The remote and usually uninhabited inland regions of Australia.

    ‘a two-week tour of the outback’
    • ‘More than a hundred years ago people had very different ideas about the bush, the interior or the outback of South Australia than what we have today.’
    • ‘They all had that yellowing with age feel that is always represented in the outback Australia images and it felt run down and not entirely friendly.’
    • ‘And it was largely on the backs of these Afghans and their camels that the outback of Australia was opened.’
    • ‘Maybe they would be happier in the wilderness of Canada, or the outback of Australia.’
    • ‘This dim sequel reverses the direction of the oddly successful original, beginning in New York and then moving to the outback of Australia.’
    • ‘From the outset, and despite the image of the rough and tough cattle farmers braving all in the outback, Australia's history has largely been an urban one.’
    • ‘The true King of England is alive and well and living in the outback of Australia.’
    • ‘But the epic journey traversed by the other two girls took place in some of the harshest outback country in Australia.’
    • ‘They are off on a hedonistic tour across the Australian outback.’
    • ‘Railways cover much of the vast distances of outback Australia.’
    • ‘We had one of our staff members who took on a house in Marree, which is outback South Australia, which is at the end of the Birdsville Track.’
    • ‘However, this map only adds to the confusion when the lovers meet their destiny at a beach not too far from outback Australia.’
    • ‘So why was this bunch of people travelling around outback Australia?’
    • ‘We have settled on three possible sites in outback South Australia, with one preferred site near Woomera.’
    • ‘In the summer of 1978 I returned to England after spending nearly three years working in outback Australia.’
    • ‘The life of a missionary in outback South Australia was not an easy one.’
    • ‘My worst rental car horror story occurred in the middle of the Australian outback.’
    • ‘But the Aussie outback is about to deliver up a bit more than he is expecting.’
    • ‘A number toured outback Queensland as travelling showmen later in that century.’
    countryside, green belt, great outdoors
    1. 1.1Any remote or sparsely populated region.
      ‘the outback of Ontario’
      • ‘They may be able to wander about in the outbacks of that country or in the remoter regions of Pakistan.’
      • ‘Another time, he is a wanderer with a weather-beaten face exploring the Indian outbacks and striking chords with common people.’
      • ‘My constituency is in the outbacks and is a very backward one.’
      • ‘It's the kind of intact wilderness that biologists usually find only in rough outbacks, where tents and dried beans are the standard.’
      • ‘It is accepted everywhere because of compromises made long ago to ameliorate wild men in outbacks like Chicago and California who thought there could be only one true method of handicapping - theirs.’
      • ‘From the mid-twelfth century until modern times the Sufi brotherhoods flourished all over the Islamic world, from rural outbacks to the dense human fabric of the cities.’
      • ‘I think it is great that in schools today young children are taught about different cultures and religions, even here in the outbacks in Scotland's north.’



/ˈoutˌbak/ /ˈaʊtˌbæk/